Opioid Epidemic

The epidemic of drug addiction is sweeping through our towns and has touched every family, every business, every community.

This crisis affects us all, regardless of age, ethnicity, or economic status. And drug addiction is hurting our economy, law enforcement, and our children’s education.

The drug crisis is personal to me. I too once lost a business to a partner’s addiction. I too have seen family through rehabilitation. And I have seen rehabilitation work. I know we can do better than we are doing.

Our elected officials have not responded adequately, and the crisis has grown worse. Drug cases are burying law enforcement and the courts. There are not enough medical resources to treat addicts. Some doctors contribute to addiction through careless and at times unethical prescribing practices.

We must reverse this trend. Now. As your Congresswoman, I will make combating drug addiction a top priority. I will fight for these immediate changes:

  • The Federal government must commit more resources to help local communities treat addiction and prosecute drug pushers. The problem won’t be solved in Washington, but Congress has an obligation to help overwhelmed communities.
  • We must support rehabilitation for addicts. I will explore using facilities such as Ft. Richie or the Sheriff’s Boys Camp in Frederick for additional treatment centers. Given the right resources, rehabilitation can work, and it is cheaper in the long run than relying solely on law enforcement to manage addicts.
  • Authorities must recommit to prosecuting dangerous drug dealers. We cannot protect our citizens while too many pushers freely walk the streets.
  • We must develop clear and safe guidelines for prescription opiates, and crack down on doctors who hand out dangerous pills without regard to the consequences.

I will work towards these changes starting on my first day in Congress.

MDGOP Candidate