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Why are you running for this office?

I am not a career politician. My extensive experience allows me to address effectively both national and Maryland’s 6th Congressional District issues. I am the only candidate for this office with Federal experience, as US Army Deputy Under Secretary. I understand the Federal process. Also, my prior candidacy for this position has given me a deep understanding of the unique needs of the entire District. Finally, I bring a proven history of empathy and cooperation.

What is the most important issue of this race and what specific plans do you have to address it?

We must get beyond current political divisiveness. As your next Member of Congress, my loyalties will be to the people of my District – I am not a knee-jerk partisan. I will support measures that help the District and oppose policies and programs that do not. Specifically, as an ally to our Governor I will bring Federal funding for transportation infrastructure improvements and to fight the opioid addiction epidemic at the local level. I will also focus on cutting taxes and regulations to provide economic well-being and to empower our citizens to use free-market solutions to solve their individual healthcare needs.

What is one major issue the current Congress has handled poorly and what would you have done differently?

Entitlement Reform. For example, the Social Security Board of Trustees says it is facing about a $12 trillion shortfall between 2034 when our children start to retire and 2091 when our grandchildren start to retire. Without significant reform, benefits will have to be cut by as much as 23%. Few Members of Congress have the courage to address this and instead leave it for a future Congress to address, which never seems to happen. I don’t have an “ultimate solution” but I do know that we have to honestly do the math and develop needed changes.

What experience (work, political or other) has prepared you to hold this office?

I am a national security expert and author, business owner and women’s advocate. I am the only candidate for this office with Federal management experience, as U.S. Army Deputy Under Secretary. I have grown my own company, AMH Consulting, into a well-respected small business that advises the Federal government and private industry on national security, technology, and defense-related environmental cleanup. I’ve also been an advocate for women in business, politics, and the military and, as a member of the Board of the House of Ruth Maryland, have helped women facing adversity. I’m also a mother, a stepmother and a grandmother.



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