I will work WITH Governor Hogan as a federal partner to obtain federal funds to improve the transportation infrastructure throughout CD-6. I support Governor Hogan’s Public Private Partnership approach and I will work to see that federal infrastru...

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Opioid Epidemic

I will continue to work with state and local officials to defeat the heroin and opioid epidemic – and the growing use of other addictive drugs such as “spice.” I’ve learned the horrors of addiction in our District during ride-alongs with our polic...

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Creating Jobs

I will fight to ensure that more and better jobs come to CD-6, an effort that I have continuously pursued. Today new developments in artificial intelligence, automation, information technology, 3-D printing and other areas of innovation are reshap...

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Improving Safety and Security

I will assist state and local police to combat the growing threat of the MS-13 gangand other threats to our personal safety and security. I will stand with Governor Hogan to fight the efforts to make Maryland a Sanctuary State. I will support meas...

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Other Issues

I will also work to: Apply free market solutions to healthcare and eliminate the endless requirements and regulations that impede access to quality healthcare. Ensure the availability of quality education, governed primarily at the local and stat...

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MDGOP Candidate