Opioid Epidemic

I will continue to work with state and local officials to defeat the heroin and opioid epidemic – and the growing use of other addictive drugs such as “spice.” I’ve learned the horrors of addiction in our District during ride-alongs with our police departments and conversations with many at Town Halls. I will support imposing requirements for “big pharma” to pay for solutions to the problem which they have helped create. I will work to get the federal government out of the way and to provide Block Grants to local jurisdictions, so that communities can tailor specific efforts such as work programs and after-school activities to address this epidemic, meeting local needs rather than bloating federal bureaucracy. I will pursue enforcing laws and regulations to reduce the availability of illegal drugs, although I understand that we cannot just arrest our way out of this epidemic. I will treat the flow of drugs across our borders as the national security issue that it is. And, importantly, I will work hard to ensure an increase in the successful rehab and reentry options in CD-6. My personal experience in addressing the addiction recovery needs of a family member has given me a clear understanding of effective rehab programs.

MDGOP Candidate