Sanctuary State


Hoeber Calls MD HB 1461 SAFE Act “One Step Closer to Making Maryland a Sanctuary State

immigrantsanctuary.jpgRockville, MD – Amie Hoeber, Candidate for Congress, issued the following statement: “I am appalled and outraged that Delegate Aruna Miller would support protecting criminals from further prosecution by supporting Maryland House Bill 1362 which is benignly being referred to as “The Safe Act.” Simply put, this bill is intended to offer shelter to those who are already in the criminal justice system – known criminals – and treating them on par with otherwise law abiding immigrants.”

Letter to the Editor

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On Nov. 19, Ben Shnider, a Democratic candidate for the Montgomery County Council, recently wrote a commentary in Maryland Matters on Interstate 270 and the problems that many people in Montgomery face with traffic on a daily basis. In that commentary, Shnider criticizes Governor Hogan’s plans to expand I-270 to improve traffic around Montgomery County, specifically calling it a “dated outlook.”

GOP sees rare pick up opportunity in Maryland, with open seat in purplish district


Throughout the country next year, Democrats running for Congress will try to tie every Republican they can find to President Trump.

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