Annapolis Breakfast

Come join me on Friday September 28th in Annapolis for breakfast! RSVP by emailing Victoria@BayArmoury.com -- If you cannot make the event, please consider donating via https://secure.anedot.com/amie-for-congress/amieforcongress

The Harvard Case Study Article (Chinese)

【教育杂谈】 从哈佛到高中

 Amie Hoeber 美华生活 4天前


四年前,一个名为Students for Fair Admissions ,为学生争取公平录取的组织起诉哈佛大学,宣称其招生政策歧视亚裔美国人。哈佛大学自己的机构研究办公室承认,如果学业成绩是唯一的录取资格要求,亚裔美国人将占典型新生班级的43%。而事实上,哈佛大学的亚裔接受率只有应该接收学生的一半,这部分取决于大学面试官是否认定申请人“招人喜欢”。

Insurance Rate Updates

The Governor announced an average reduction of 13.2% for health insurance premiums for the year ahead. This is an absolute WIN for Marylanders and is another reason why I am proud to have Gov. Larry Hogan's endorsement. I look forward to working with him from the Federal level. 


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