Insurance Rate Updates

The Governor announced an average reduction of 13.2% for health insurance premiums for the year ahead. This is an absolute WIN for Marylanders and is another reason why I am proud to have Gov. Larry Hogan's endorsement. I look forward to working with him from the Federal level. 


Larry O'Connor Interview

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!! Here is the link to my interview with Larry O'Connor from yesterday afternoon!


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287(g) Testimony


Thank you for the opportunity to speak here this evening. My name is Amie Hoeber, and I am a candidate for Congress in the 6th District of Maryland, which includes Frederick City and the southern part of Frederick County. If voters give me the privilege to represent them in Congress, I will take an oath of office next January which states in part that “….I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

MDGOP Candidate