Sanctuary State


Hoeber Calls MD HB 1461 SAFE Act “One Step Closer to Making Maryland a Sanctuary State

immigrantsanctuary.jpgRockville, MD – Amie Hoeber, Candidate for Congress, issued the following statement: “I am appalled and outraged that Delegate Aruna Miller would support protecting criminals from further prosecution by supporting Maryland House Bill 1362 which is benignly being referred to as “The Safe Act.” Simply put, this bill is intended to offer shelter to those who are already in the criminal justice system – known criminals – and treating them on par with otherwise law abiding immigrants.”

The bill directs the Maryland State Police to shield known criminals from being investigated for other crimes by coordinating with federal law enforcement agencies.

“We need cooperation with all levels of law enforcement. All State agencies should comply with Immigrations Custom Enforcement (ICE) the same way they would comply with any other Federal Law Enforcement Agency,” stated Hoeber. In 2014 Montgomery County implemented a policy at the local level that restricts ICE detainer compliance. As a result, what we have seen in our county is that gang violence and recruitment activity has increased to the point that the Montgomery County Police Department in 2017 formed a special unit to deal with the growing MS-13 problem.

“Our Montgomery County States Attorney John McCarthy said in 2017 that "MS-13 has been implicated in up to 18 murders over the past two years in Montgomery County." Based on this, Ms. Hoeber says:  “I do not believe HB 1461 will make our state safer; it will do the opposite, which is why I oppose this proposed legislation.”


David Knupp



MDGOP Candidate